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Ginni Rometty Chairman, CEO, and President, IBM

this picture shows ginni rometty chairmain ceo president of ibm

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty strongly believes in progress and also working on improving business, human, and business conditions. The greatest invention of IBM is IBMer, they believe that progress is made by thinking. Leadership, policies, and progress actions. IBMer is a highly esteemed brand and has value for users.

IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud is a very robust suite of progressive data and Artificial Intelligence tools, it has very deep industrial expertise to allow you on your drive to the cloud. There are different clouds available including public cloud, hybrid and private cloud, and AI and data.


IBS have full-stack cloud platforms with over 150 services and products covering data, blockchain, IoT, and IA. IBM cloud begins the customer experience transformations. IBM Cloud allows you with various new ways to evaluate the data value with AI and new insights. IBM is the right partner for your cloud bases strategy because it has Cloud options, industry specifics, globally available, enterprise-ready, etc. IBM has the biggest and most convenient platform in this world.

IBM Services

IBM services are your technology partner and trusted business partner for digital transformation. IBM is committed to helping businesses boost their drive to the cloud and become a high cognitive enterprise. They work to design a solution according to your business needs.

With IBM’s advanced Research and development labs and integrate technology helps you to accelerate your business. IBM is helping, any businesses grow globally. They deliver value for customers that are making a real difference in the world. IBM services are transforming businesses and society to give benefits to companies and employees. IBM strongly believes in human empowerment to grow businesses worldwide.

IBM Research

At IBM Research, they invent new things that really matter to this world. IBM is pioneering most disruptive and promising technologies and these technologies will transform society and industry, including the future of quantum computing, blockchain, and AI.… Read the rest

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Celanese Corporation

Celanese Corporation is a woman’s own company that is run by Lori J. Ryerkerk and this is an international technology and also a specialty materials firm that manufactures and engineers a huge range of product essentials to everyday living.

They are scientists, engineers, products and operator’s developers. Celanese is adviser, innovators, problem and design solvers.

this picture shows celanese corporation, a woman owned company

The most important thing is they are a partner in the value for the customers with their solutions and improving the globe through our colleague’s actions.

Company Run by Women

Celanese is one of the biggest woman-run business and it’s spreading globally very fast. The Celanese CEO strongly believes in human development and she is working to help and increase human performance in every aspect of life. Celanese business is spreading rapidly and gaining huge revenue every year. Let’s discuss briefly this company.

What They Do?

Celanese make products to make human lives easier, they are helping customers for bringing their dream ideas and innovations to life.

By the global network of production of Acetyl Chain, they provide resources that are critical for global paints, chemicals, and coating industries. … Read the rest