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KeyBank is highly committed to helping communities and clients. This is a woman-run company, the CEO Beth E. Mooney believes in doing business responsibly and fairly, promoting inclusion and diversity, and then making a meaningful investment in those places where human work and live.


KeyBank is a nonprofit charitable foundation and founded in 1969. This company is funded by KeyCorp’s, and they are focusing on human life improvement through 3 approaches.

this image shows the keybank core values

Core Values

KeyBank grants completely rely on five key values including inclusion and diversity, financial capability, measurable impact, transformational outcome, and sustainability. They are working to uplift human lives and give equal opportunities to all individuals.

Community Benefit Plans

KeyBank is helping communities and clients to thrive at the KeyBank heart 5 years $16 billion benefit plans for the community. KeyBank wants to make a huge difference in communities. KeyBank Community Plan is a very diverse investment for moderate to low-income individuals, communities, and families through community development and low-cost housing, small business lending and mortgage, and transformative philanthropy. KeyBank has invested $7 billion in the communities where they do business, including KeyBank 23 market from Alaska to Maine.

Diversity and Inclusion

KeyBank is committed to inclusion and diversity in all things they do. KeyBank values the foster inclusion and diversity throughout the business, including the customers and employees they hire. Each and every employee is involved with the company and committed to the company goals. KeyBank develops its workforce and also growing the talent to reflect the inclusion and diversity of their communities and clients. The inclusion driven rich culture encourages the employees to live, engage our values and also bring you authentic self-key. KeyBank is highly committed to developing a mutually beneficial relationship with suppliers. The company is working to strengthen the communities.

this picture shows planning support by keybank for their employees


KeyBank is continuously working on creating a sustainable community and it’s an important mission for KeyBank. KeyBank is working to benefit the clients, the community, so we all have a brighter future, together.

KeyBank sustainability commitment includes:

  • Investing in renewable energy
  • Reducing environmental footprint
  • Designing healthier and efficient facilities
  • Helping clients to reduce the environmental footprint

KeyBank Foundation

KeyBank is supporting its workforce, neighbors, and their core values. The company is supporting and organizing programs to train individuals for a bright future. The funding priorities focus on education, neighbors, and the workforce. KeyBank is making the reality of the dream through sponsorships and grants.