How Taylor Turned her Promotion Company to Success

Posted on: December 16, 2021 Posted by: Woman in Leadership Staff Comments: 0

How Taylor Turned her Promotion Company to Success

Taylor had always wanted to start her own company, but she didn’t know what type of business would suit her. When she was younger, Taylor dreamed of being a photographer or an actress, but as time went on and the dream fizzled out like most young girls’ dreams do – she needed something else. She knew that there were many promotional products companies out there, so it seemed like a logical choice for her first venture; after all, it’s not very risky.

Once she made the decision to open up her own promotional products company with no prior experience in the industry – well let’s just say things got interesting. She didn’t really know where to start, but she had a few friends that were in the business and they gave her some pointers.

She also decided that it might be a good idea for her company name to have “promotion” somewhere in its title because promotional products are exactly what people would think of when they hear about promotion companies – so why not just say it? She brainstormed with one of these former co-workers, who happened to be an expert at naming companies (a little bit ironic), and together they came up with Taylor Promotions Company. Perfect! Now she was ready to take on this new adventure…but there was still something missing from the equation: money! Where is all of this funding going to come from?

She started by reaching out to her family and friends for investments, but she knew that wouldn’t be enough. She needed to find a way to bring in more customers if she wanted her business to succeed. After months of hard work and dedication, Taylor’s company started seeing some success. More and more people were starting to hear about her company and were interested in what she had to offer. This was all thanks to the amazing products that she was providing as well as the great customer service that her team provided. Things were finally looking up for Taylor and her promotional products company!

A few years have passed since then and Taylor’s company is now one of the most successful promotional products companies in the world! Not only has it grown in size and volume, but it has also grown in leadership.